Kill Dolly Kill Fundraiser campaign

Directed by Heidi Moore

Written by Tom Komisar

Produced by Troma, Wretched Productions

​& HM&M Films

Wretched Productions:

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This perk comes in 2 different ways. You can either A: Be a featured extra with dialogue in Dolly Deadly 2 (Must be prepared to travel at your own expense on the scheduled date) or B: You will get a screen used SIGNED Doll from the movie. Both options also get a Signed copy of the Screenplay and a Thank you credit in the movie and on IMDB. (Please provide your perk choice in the comments during check out)

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After watching DOLLY DEADLY for the first time, I was immediately impressed with the way director Heidi Moore was able to blend the seriousness of bullying with humor and horror. From the opening scene I could tell she was a fan of John Waters which excited me even more when I read a post online that she was interested in making a sequel.


I was ecstatic when Heidi gave me the opportunity to write the screenplay for DOLLY DEADLY 2 and I knew I had my work cut out for me. Dolly Deadly was a big story and a sequel would have to be bigger. After banging my head against a wall for a couple of weeks I finally figured out what the story needed. MUSIC! Dolly Deadly 2 had to feature rock songs sung by our lead cast members.


Influenced by John Waters' CRY BABY, DOLLY DEADLY 2 is a carnival ride full of trailer park wackiness, psych wards, murder, revenge and a roller skating gang of Drag Queens. All set to a punk rock beat and a good slathering of barbecue sauce...

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BENJI is back! Now living as his alter-ego DOLLY DEADLY, he’s all grown up and ready to kill...AGAIN! Welcome back to the trailer park--Paradise Park that is! A place  where hot rods and barbeque are the order of the day and punk rock music blasts all night long...throw in a gang of murderous drag queens and a visit to the psychiatric ward, and you'll get a taste of the new horror-comedy, DOLLY DEADLY Part 2 from director Heidi Moore!  


“Dolly Deadly 2” is the sequel to the genre film/horror comedy “Dolly Deadly” directed by Heidi Moore. Since its August 23rd, 2016 release, “Dolly Deadly” has been quite successful; touring to 20 theaters across the USA, finding its way into 800 homes via the October 2016 Horror Pack (, world wide distribution through LeglessCorpse Films and streaming free on Amazon Prime where it’s currently rated 4 out of 5 stars.


Influenced by John Waters' CRY BABY, Dolly Deadly 2 is a carnival ride full of original songs, the trailer park wackiness you’ve come to love and of course plenty of blood and is a Slasher after all. Production has begun! Half the movie was filmed last year in Vegas, but we need YOUR help to complete the second half of the shoot in Indiana! Check out the BTS pics below!

























Check out some Dolly Deadly 2 Music! Budget: Wretched Productions and HM&M Films have both worked on several micro budget films and we believe that with our talents combined, we can accomplish great things with a small amount of money. We seek approx $10,000 to produce this movie; This amount will both allow us to create all the visuals we have in mind, and will be frugal enough to make back with sales. What we already have in place: a talented in-house crew, our own equipment, and we have several actors standing by ready to get involved with whatever we have coming up. With those aspects of the film already covered, we can focus the funds we seek on the actual production. Both production companies have completed several projects and are fully capable and completely driven to see this project to the end.

Heidi Moore is the owner of Wretched Productions and has been working in the horror and cult classic medium for many years; making a name for herself in the independent genre film community. Her feature film “Dolly Deadly” has been making waves among the horror and art film lovers alike and has been called the weirdest movie of 2016.


Tom Komisar is a writer/actor/musician and co-owner of HM&M Films; an independent film production company based in Winamac, Indiana. A lifelong fan of horror, Tom and HM&M Films founder Daniel Murphy have released several feature films in the last few years that include, "And then You DIE!", "Night of the Dolls", and "House of Whores" Part 1, 2 & Slaughterhouse & Blood Moon River.


 "If you mixed John Waters, Troma, a sprinkle of Burton and a glob of Gummo, you may get half of the experience of Moore’s DOLLY DEADLY."

- Slaughter Movie House


"For anyone who enjoys the thrill of a slasher, the inexplicable eeriness of dolls or the heady schadenfreude that comes from enjoying the sadness of others. Dolly Deadly is a film that needs to be experienced."


"A remarkable testament to some of the dark and deranged cinema coming our way from women in horror."


"No trite or inconceivable happy ending in sight, the filmmakers really earned my thumbs up on this one."
-Danni Darko


"Crass humor and gritty realism hit hard with each scene, keeping the viewer off balance and entertained from start to finish."
-Cinema Bluster​

Check out the BRAND NEW Kill Dolly Kill: Dolly Deadly 2 trailer below:

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Spooky Knocks Scene 2.00_00_03_09.Still001
Scene 4 Rig & Doll.00_07_51_01.Still004
Scene 4 Rig & Doll.00_05_00_04.Still003
Scene 4 Rig & Doll.00_01_57_14.Still002
Scene 4 Rig & Doll.00_01_38_15.Still001
Scene 4 Rig & Doll.00_00_38_09.Still005
Scene 4 Rig & Doll.00_00_58_00.Still007
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