Joint & Side Projects


Take a look at some of the other projects we are currently working on, or have already completed.

HM&M Vol's 1 & 2
In Production

6 Short Films From 6 Different film makers from around the world!

Click the pic for more info

Death Tease

Death Tease is an original short film from Average At Best Films, Edited by Daniel Murphy.



Produced By Average At Best Films

Edited By HM&M Films

Kill Dolly Kill
Post Production

HM&M Films has teamed up with Heidi Moore at Wretched Productions & Troma Films to produce Dolly Deadly 2.  Tom Komisar snatched up the opportunity to write the script. Not only is the sequel a slasher, it s also a slasher rock musical. Click the poster for more info.

 Click here if you are interested in being a Producer.

Sex Metal Barbie

We recently edited a music video project for a lip sync contest with Leah Baker, Video stars

Linda Schrader from Night Of

The Dolls & House Of Whores. Check it out! Click here for the original link

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